Actor Headshots

Not knowing who you are or what you are selling; as an actor, you’re out there selling a product, yourself, and headshots. If you don’t know specifically who you are in the eyes of the industry and what you have to offer that other actors do not, how can you translate that information into successful headshots? Know your brand~!

So anyone can buy a camera, take amazing photos, and call himself or herself a photographer. Although that does not equate to them being or becoming a great headshot photographer. So many photographers are more concerned with their own egos and creating their own vision and photography, how does that help you as the actor secure work? Not every photographer works well with every actor, your photographer must be a perfect fit for your personality and acting style.


We only pick pictures of ourselves that make us look great. Unfortunately, those are usually not the best shots. There has to be that spark, something intriguing that makes an agent or casting director stop and take note. Picking the right picture is extremely important. You must seek help and we don’t mean from your husband, girlfriend, or even your best friend. They’ve all been programmed to tell us that everything we do is wonderful; you need an objective eye that understands the business.




Step away from the Photoshop just step away this goes for your photographer also tell them to step away. Certain things that need to be corrected like stray hairs (although I am not even big on that), a pimple, or something odd in the background, but that’s about it. Our flaws are differences that set us apart from others they make us who we are. Your acting is unique and different from all those other actors out there, as is your face.

Why We Shoot Medium Format~!

Well, it has been some time, longer than I can recall, since we made the move to Medium Format Phase One and we could not be happier.   We have the great honor of interacting with many photographers some asking us why we moved and others claiming it is just a waste of money.

Funny enough our friends at Digital Transitions just did a video blog post Demystifying Medium Format the timing is perfect and confirms a few of the reasons we switched.

Phase-One-XF-Camera-System-1Medium format produces an image that can not be replicated by a small sensor such as DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

Simply stated it is not physically possible just like I can not take a large format camera (film) and create the same image with medium format.   This was the biggest reason for the move, we want to produce imagery for our clients that set them apart from others and Phase One does that.

Phase One specifically is a modular system allowing us to change digital backs all the way to 100mp, viewfinders, and updatable system.   Once again this benefits our clients by allowing us to have the system to meet their needs, not ours.

Actor Headshot Session

Now this one is more for photographers that may read the blog but equally important to our clients.  Dynamic Range, Color, Detail, and File Renditions are hands down far superior to anything out there in the marketplace.

When paired with Capture One software the results are just amazing once again allowing us to provide imagery to our clients that set them apart.

Support, Phase One and Digital Transitions are there for us and our clients they have changed the way we do everything with suggestions, training, and so much more.

With everything above it has basically changed our approach to photography and how we shoot every day. With tools that we have been provided both physical and mentally it shows in our imagery, we take a precise and methodical approach day in day out.

Take the time to watch the DT video and see what you think about medium format.


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