About Us

TLP Photo is the top actor headshot photographer and photo studio for NYC, Baltimore, DC and beyond with first-hand knowledge of the industry needs of all actors submitting for a wide range of auditions.

TLP Photo has a fully equipped Baltimore Photo Studio and arrangements for an NYC Photo Studio as well as DC Photo Studio, as well as utilizing the best equipment from Profoto to Phase One.


Unlike many photographers today TLP Photo is not a jack-of-all-trades we are operating within our photographic disciplines providing the best possible imagery to our clients.

We have been a community photography leader with our headshot photography over the past several years, even our competitors will contract us for their difficult clients or clients that were not initially happy with their final product.

All of our photographic projects start with the end result for our client in our minds before we even pull the camera out.   We spend the time with you the client to discuss, plan, and create the final photographic imagery that you need.   TLP has had the pleasure of shooting and designing movie posters, movie props, book covers, and imagery for OSSA Museum, wedding advertising, engineering firms, law firms, medical hospitals and so much more.



Every individual that steps in front of our camera or works with us should expect a polite, helpful, and businesslike process with accomplished and skilled photographers.

Customer Service

The job is not done once we take your photo. We support the entire process including file prep and delivery the way you need it. We will assist you in maintaining a searchable image archive and 24/7 download ability.


Over time we have established a reputation for providing exceptional imagery that makes the photography community look fantastic. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you for many years to come.


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