Sean Plourde

We are starting something new for the blog featuring actors that we have shot letting them answer some interview questions or even feature their own blog article.

Actor Sean Plourde was the first to volunteer.
170421_sean_Prelude_Part212523 Q. What is the most difficult part of being a new actor?

A. The most difficult part of being a new actor is not the fact that you don’t have enough contacts- it’s that you may not have quality contacts that will help to further your career.

Q. How do you balance acting with your personal life goals and relationships?

A. As far as your life, relationships, and jobs are concerned- I hate to say it- acting can wait until you’ve put some money away. Stability and eating are more important than170423_Sean_Prelude_Actor12418 waiting around for that “perfect gig” that pays thousands of dollars.

Q. What would be your dream role as an actor?

A. I would have to say that my dream gig as an actor would have to be a knight- I’m a history nerd at heart and the prospect of playing a warrior would be amazing.




Q. Have you worked on any recent projects you would like to chat about?

A. Currently I’m working on a pilot about modern day Gangsters, and I still have a few short film loose ends to finish filming.

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